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Involved in the protection of the environment and concerned about the improving of your well being, the BEST WESTERN Hotel Richelieu was the first hotel of it's region to receive the European Ecolabel. Choice of equipments, cleaning products, economizing of energy...

React and enter into our environmental approach in order to permanently reduce our ecological impact.

Also we commit ourselves to :

- Limit energy and water consumption

- Use cleaning products wich respect the environment

- Reduce waste production

- Improve the quality of air

- Buy when possible Fair trade products

- Increase the part of organic farming foodstuffs

- Communicate and inform our guests of the action under taken in favor of the environment

- Promote environmental education abd communication within our staff team

The participation and the enthusiasm of all our staff and guests incite and motivate us in our efforts and determination to respect our environment.




BEST WESTERN Hôtel Richelieu*** 40 avenue Baudin - 87000 LIMOGES
Phone : +335. - Fax : +335.
 Long.: 1.2574195  Lat.: 45.825420